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The Model 42 was produced from 1933 thru 1963, with a production of about 160,000. Although technically a production gun, each example was custom-made in terms of configuration, workmanship, Winchester introduced the Model 55 in June of the year 1924.The Model 64 was introduced in the January 1933 catalog specifically as a replacement to the Model 55. This was a brand new variant of the Model 94 Sporting Rifle, and it was apparently introduced to fill the gap between the standard Model 94 Sporting Rifle with Designed by T. Johnson, The Model 12 Slide Action Shotgun is the first as well as most popular hammerless slide-action shotgun made by Winchester.In an attempt to raise operating capital the New Haven Arms Company and Oliver F.Winchester contracted to produce 3,000 revolvers for Cyrus Manville.A large number of serial numbers were skipped after number 115,170. Winder muskets, made in 19, were given the designation "Model 87", but serials were in the single shot range.

About 3,200 were made, but many of these remained on hand for almost 100 years until they were sold to employees for as little as one dollar in Winchester's surplus store.Standard and The Model 1901 utilized the same action design as the Model 1887, but it featured a newer alloy steel specifically designed for the new smokeless powders.It was offered in 10-Gauge 2 ⅞” chamber only, and a blued receiver The Model 1897 was a superior slide-action exposed hammer shotgun that was specifically designed for the new smokeless powder.The Winchester rifles are available with open sight but are also drilled to use scopes. The Model 70 Black Shadow is designed for rough hunting conditions and has a Matte blued barrel so that the rifle does not betray your presence with a reflection. The rifle is available with a 24 or 26 inch barrel and in the calibers of 270 Winchester with a 5 round magazine, 30-06 Springfield with a 5 round magazine, 7mm Remington Magnum with a 3 round magazine, or 300 Winchester Magnum with a 3 round magazine The Model 70 Compact is a scaled down version on the standard Model 70.The shorter length makes the rifle makes it an ideal rilfe for smaller individuals including women shooters and younger shooters. The Model 70 Coyote is a hunting rifle mainly used for small game and is otherwise known as a varmint, but has a pinhead mark on top of receiver rear of scope plug screws, (in Pic)  ... Click for more info WINCHESTER MODEL 88 PRE 64 308 LEVER ACTION RIFLE, HAND CHECKERED STOCK, 2ND YEAR PRODUCTION, MADE IN 1956, SN 282XX, 95% BLUE WITH GOOD WOOD SHOWING ITS USE WITH MARKS AND DINGS, EXCEL ...