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COAST GUARD Burl see FOREST PRODUCTS BURNING OF LAND see also INDIAN BASKETS; INDIANS Burns Freeway see FREEWAYS - ARCATA Bus Lines see MASS TRANSIT BUSINESS DIRECTORIES x Christian Business Directory; Humboldt Services Directory BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (Divided by date) see also FLEA MARKETS; GROCERS; INVENTORS; SMALL BUSINESS; WOODWORKING INDUSTRIES *To 1899; 1900-1969; 1970-1979; 1980--1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009; 2010- BUSINESS PARKS - MCKINLEYVILLE x Airport Business Park Project; Mc Kinleyville - Business Park Business Support Center see SMALL BUSINESS Butcher Slough see ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY BUTCHERS x Meat Markets BUTLER VALLEY DAM (PROPOSED) (Divided chronologically) see also MAPLE CREEK xx Mad River x Dams, Butler Valley *1971; 1972; 1973; 1974- Butterflies see INSECTS Butterfly, Julia see BIOGRAPHY - Hill, Julia (Butterfly); EARTH FIRST! OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION x Cal-OSHA CALIFORNIA - SECESSION MOVEMENTS see also ALTA CALIFORNIA, STATE OF (PROPOSED); JEFFERSON, STATE OF (PROPOSED); KLAMATH, STATE OF (PROPOSED); NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, STATE OF (PROPOSED); SISKIYOU, STATE OF (PROPOSED) x Separatist Movements CALIFORNIA TROUT xx Fishes and Fishing California. Humboldt Campus (Proposed) see UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA - HUMBOLDT CAMPUS (PROPOSED) California Western Railroad see RAILROADS - CALIFORNIA WESTERN RAILROAD CALIFORNIANS FOR ALTERNATIVES TO TOXICS see also PESTICIDES xx Hazardous Substances; Pesticides x C. x Embezzlement; Fraud CRIME AND CRIMINALS - HOMICIDE (Divided by date of offense) see also CRIME AND CRIMINALS; DRUNK DRIVING x Homicide; Murder *To 1976; 1977-1979; 1980-1983; 1984-1989; 1990- CRIME AND CRIMINALS - RAPE (Divided by date) see also CRIME AND CRIMINALS; FAMILY PLANNING; MARTIAL ARTS xx Family Planning x Rape *1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s CRIME AND CRIMINALS - ROBBERY see also CRIME AND CRIMINALS x Robbery Crocheting see ARTISANS Crossroads Residential Drug Treatment Program see DRUG ABUSE - TREATMENT "Cruising" see AUTOMOBILES Cultural Center see HUMBOLDT CULTURAL CENTER Curry Report see REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK - REDWOOD CREEK WATERSHED Customs Service see U. CUSTOMS SERVICE CUTTEN CYCLING (Divided by date) see also BICYCLE MASTER PLAN; [Name of town] - STREETS; WHEELPEOPLE x Bicycle Paths; Bicycling; Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association; Northcoasting *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s Back to Top Daffodil Farms see BULB INDUSTRY DAIRYING (Divided by date) xx Ferndale *To 1969; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s DAMS see also Names of Rivers; WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT xx Water Resources Development Dams, Butler Valley see BUTLER VALLEY DAM (PROPOSED) DAMS, DOS RIOS (PROPOSED) see also EEL RIVER WATER COUNCIL xx Eel River Water Council x Dos Rios Dam DAMS, ENGLISH RIDGE (PROPOSED) x English Ridge Dam DAMS, RUTH see also HYDROELECTRIC POWER x Ruth Dam DAMS, SWEASY DAMS, TRINITY RIVER x Lewiston Dam; Trinity Dam; Trinity River DANCE x North Country International Folk Ensemble DANES IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY Data Processing see HUMBOLDT COUNTY.
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