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Anna Goodrich (left) and Samantha Kynett, seniors at JMU, will cohost the first speed dating event on Feb. The Valentine’s Day event is open to anyone over the age of 18 and guests will be provided with a cookie and drink.

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You’re just some guy on karaoke night who sang a passable version of “Don’t Stop Believin’” to a kind and slightly drunk audience at the local dive. At thousands of bars in America on any given night, one of Journey’s classic hits is wailing out from worn speakers and people are singing along as best as their intoxication level allows.

On morning commutes, at dead end jobs, in food courts, at basketball games, and in the shower, people are singing along too.

It’s Saturday night and you’ve just climbed off stage.

As the adrenaline flushes from your system, you remember that you aren’t actually rock god, Steve Perry.

Maybe it's in response to Sabrina Carpenter's kinda-shade at her ex?

Perry’s parents encouraged his musical interests from a very young age.

In college, Perry took his interest in singing public, joining the choir of the College of the Sequoias as a tenor.

star EXCLUSIVELY told us how he asked her out and it's heart-meltingly cute!

According to the actress, he put a message in a bottle asking her to be his girlfriend. We couldn't resist asking if he made her check a box to answer his question.